So, I think I’ve mentioned a few times how much I enjoy the company of the cooking and cleaning ladies at the inn.  They chatter and laugh and tease each other nonstop; and now they include me in the mirth, which gives me that nice little feeling of belonging that’s worth so much when you’re 5,000 miles from home.  I get along well with all of them, no complaints; one, however, has seemed just a little colder and more distant.  Less eager to chat.  But I’ve just shrugged my shoulders at this, not blaming her for being disinclined to make friends with a random 22 year old girl from America.

At breakfast the other day, I was sitting with a few of the others and talking about birthdays and astrological signs (a topic that’s come up surprisingly often here?).  They got really excited when I told them my birthday, informing me that I shared the day with that same staff member with whom I felt less of a connection.  They called to her in the kitchen, telling her what they’d discovered.  She called something back to them.  I couldn’t hear her response.  They repeated it for me.  “She says that’s why you’re both so similar, why you both have kind of relaxed, laid back, calm personalities,” they said.

It was just a little thing, but I was kind of touched.  She identified with me.

I know I cite personality tests far too often, but…the enneagram once told me that one of my greatest fears is having my quieter, more timid demeanor mistaken for detachedness and aloofness.  And it was 100% correct.  Apparently that doesn’t stop me, though, from misreading others in exactly the same fashion.

I am constantly, ceaselessly learning not to assume things.

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