So, in the category of general life updates, I no longer live in Nazareth.  (which, as a side note, does render the blog url irrelevant and possibly even humorously ironic – but I can’t do much about that now.  sorry!)  As a brief explanation – having finished my internship with the Jesus Trail in early April, I have now moved to Jerusalem and backward in religious history to work with the Abraham Path for the summer.  The Abraham Path is a hiking trail – still very much in development – that runs across the entire Middle East, connecting places associated with the cultural memory of the figure of Abraham across Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  Recently named the world’s number one new hiking trail by National Geographic, the current route runs through Turkey, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan; it will soon be expanding into Iraq, and there are plans for several other countries on the horizon.  Obviously, connecting the entire thing into one continuous trail will require some regional stability that just doesn’t exist at the moment (what country lies between Turkey and Israel/Jordan?), but the parts that are hikeable today are pretty incredible and are rapidly spreading into an impressive set of largely interconnected trails.

Anyway.  My actual work with the path is varied – a lot of researching and writing about sites for the online guidebook; some interviewing of individuals from the communities along the trail in order to profile them for the website; assorted other research/clerical tasks; and a good bit of beautiful hiking.  🙂

So.  New work, new city, very different life so far.  I never really wanted to live in Jerusalem – it’s such an…emotionally dense city – but here I am until August!


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