A sticker I’ve seen a few places in Jerusalem.  This one’s in my neighborhood on my way to work.

“Modest girls prevent tragedies”

NO.  Respect for humankind prevents tragedies.  All humankind.  Even if they’re weaker than you or different from you or don’t look like you or don’t believe what you believe.  THAT prevents tragedies, and that’s something every part of this culture (and yes, every culture) needs to understand.  Tragedies do happen here – affronts to the basic humanity of so many people.  I think it’s a tragedy every time I don’t go somewhere at night just because I’m a woman and every time I step out of my house, grit my teeth, and simply will myself to get to my destination as quickly as possible, interacting with as few people as possible along the way.  But those tragedies are not the result of the way I dress or the way any other woman dresses.  Stop chastising me in the streets because you can see my collarbone; start raising a generation of boys who see women as people that deserve respect.

It took my entire 45 minute walk to work to lower my blood pressure after seeing this sticker.


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  1. You should print this out and post it wherever you see these.

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